Dental Cosmetic Treatments


Used as a restorative procedure for chipped, cracked

or discolored teeth, composite resin bonding is one of the easiest and least expensive cosmetic treatments. It is sometimes used as an alternative to veneers. With Dr. Bartimmo’s experienced hand, a bonding treatment can usually be completed in about 30 minutes.

Placing custom veneers requires a high degree of technical skill as well as attention to cosmetic detail. We place veneers routinely and design each case individually to match and enhance the characteristics of each patient’s smile.

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Inlays and Onlays

Similar to fillings, inlay, and onlays replace areas of your teeth that have been worn away by decay. Unlike fillings, they are made in a lab and are then fitted and bonded to the tooth.

An inlay fits inside the cusp (the rounded areas at the top of teeth), while the onlay’s coverage area is larger and spills outside of the one or more cusps. While fillings reduce a tooth’s natural strength as much as 50%, inlays and onlays have the opposite effect, increasing strengths as much as 75%.

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Porcelain Veneers

One of the most popular treatments due to the noticeable cosmetic improvement, porcelain veneers are the perfect choice to fix your smile. Part art and part science, the placement of the thin, ceramic shells on the front side of teeth require a high degree of technical skill. Drs. Bartimmo work to enhance the characteristics of your smile through highly individualized treatment plans.

Porcelain veneers are almost impossible to detect once bonded to your teeth. They appear as white tooth enamel and are highly resistant to staining from cigarette smoke and coffee.

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Teeth Whitening

Looking to regain that beautiful, radiant smile? Dr. Bartimmo can help with the latest in dental bleaching technology. If your teeth are discolored but are in otherwise good health, teeth whitening provides a less invasive and more cost-effective treatment option compared with crowns or veneers.  

The treatment is simple. Come in for a fitting appointment for a specialized mouthguard. Apply the bleaching agent to your teeth with the mouthguard at home, 3-4 hours every night for up to 2 weeks. At the end of the treatment, your teeth could be several shades brighter.

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Clear Braces

If you’re looking to improve your smile but would rather avoid the equipment of traditional braces, clear braces may be the answer. Clear braces also have the benefit of stealth, as the clear, removable, plastic-like aligners are nearly impossible to spot. 

The treatment calls for the aligners to be replaced every four weeks, as your teeth shift into their new positions. The average treatment requires between three and five aligners.

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